Do you ever wonder…

Do you ever wonder goes on inside the head of some people? So I work with this guy. He’s been there, oh, maybe three weeks or a month or maybe a bit more, and he is constantly needing to be told what to do. Or more to the point what not to do. Its like he kinda knows what needs doing, but doesn’t know about appropriate timing. He also needs to be constantly reminded about the same things. Again and again and again. Comparing him to other staff is not flattering either. Today I had another guy working with us who is even newer than he is, and I have total faith in this guy that he will do the job and I won’t have to worry about how/why/when/where etc. He even told me today that the other guy (who’s been there longer) was asking him what to do. Its so frustrating when you’re trying to manage what’s going on but the people you have to work with require almost constant monitoring. Its also frustrating when you aren’t exactly sure if they understand something or not. The fact that I’m a bit of a control freak doesn’t help.


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