Friday night feels alright

Last Friday was a bit of a crazy day.  I had my big written assignment due which I finished up late on Thursday night, then my morning started with a final group critique of my work.  I woke up feeling like I had been run over twice with a steamroller.  I think the essay had taken a lot out of me.  When I went into the bathroom to have a shower I looked at my body in the mirror and thought, “I look like I’ve been on Survivor for a month or something”.  Yeah, stress isn’t good for my eating habits.  I tried to pull some stuff together for my crit but ran out of time to get coffee beforehand and didn’t have enough mental energy to pull anything off.  So yeah, you could say I was not exactly on-track for my day.  After my crit I got my belated coffee then went in to work where some of us were going to a radio station’s preview screening of Couples Retreat.  Not great.  I found myself rolling my eyes and sighing the whole way through.  Just because a comedy is mainstream doesn’t mean it should also be stupid.  Oh well, at least the wine was free.  Afterwards we had to wait around for a staff meeting at 10 pm, so Ruth, Ariél, Ellie and I hung out, got some dinner at Mexicali, then later after it had gotten dark we headed to the domain to climb trees and other stuff…

After we got rained into the band rotunda…

band rotunda 1Ellie feels left outband rotunda 3

we went and climbed the Moreton Bay fig tree…

tree hanginghead patAriel and assnighttreerootsthe bike was there last time we were there too

Eventually we headed back to work for our very exciting meeting, then we watched (500) Days of Summer again. Did I mention that I love it?


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