Springtime sunshine

Today it was sunny after a week or so of freakishly freezing weather, so perfect for a Sunday afternoon lazing in a park in Devonport listening to some music and getting chill.

My friend Lydia Cole was playing the Devonport Spring Jam so Sam and I went to check it out.  We arrived right when Lydia started her set so found a spot on the grass and lay back.  Usually when someone I know is playing a gig there’re a bunch of people I know there, but there was noone when we arrived which felt a bit odd.  It was a lot of young families and a few teenage north shore types.  Eventually I saw Dale and Di with little one in tow, and Dale came over and said hi.  Lydia’s set was to her usual high standard with accompanying awkward banter which I always enjoy.  She didn’t berate the audience today though.  Maybe everyone was on their best behaviour…

After Lydia some strange teenage girl got up and sang songs that could have been produced for Disney.  Her voice wasn’t terrible, but I can’t say I was a fan.  Then Pop Strangers pulled out their indie kid tunes.  By this time the young families had dispersed and indie kids had taken over.

Sam thought the bass and drumming were pretty tight, and it was fun in a hipster kind of way.  If they got their live show tighter and some better recordings than the ones currently up on MySpace I might quite like them.  About half way through their set I was chatting with Lydia when the crew I was expecting to have been there earlier all turned up.  It was cool to see some people I don’t see too often these days… ex-flatmates and assorted others.  I had to leave for work before the next band started, but it was a fun and relaxing afternoon.  I noticed later that I managed to achieve my first sunburn of the season.  Nice.


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