Beach day

Its final countdown… to presentation date.  I needed to do one final shoot to try a couple of different things and get some more material to work with, so I roped Ruth and Ariél into coming out to Piha with me; Ruth as my assistant, and Ariél because I thought she’d like to see a bit of something outside the city.  Here are some of the things we saw and did…










And here’s a taste of what I shot for my work…  Imagine that they are presented horizontally next to each other, as a kind of mirror image.



Getting to this location involved some heavy-duty climbing over weed-slippery rocks and past waves threatening to wipe us out if we made a wrong move. Ariél hasn’t yet sorted out her rock climbing expertise (it lies in other areas) so she stayed behind while Ruth and I risked our lives in the name of art.  We shall see how much of a success it was once I get my film back from the lab.


4 Responses to “Beach day”

  1. kseverny Says:

    beautiful pictures. serene

  2. Ariél Says:

    hey now its not like rock climbing was expected by me..otherwise i would’ve worn sneaks. 😛 But I do sincerly thank you, i had a really great day, i would love to go back again and explore more without work looming off in the distance. 🙂

  3. thewhitebird Says:

    SOrry, I thought about telling you, but then I didn’t… I did feel like I was risking my life when I was hanging off those slimy rocks.
    I’m defintely keen to go back. All the beaches along there are great for exploring.

  4. Ariél Says:

    no worries 🙂 we should make it a where the wild things are beach day. 8D

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