Cupcake delight and Night Lights

As part of Auckland Architecture Week 09 and to raise money for Starship Children’s Hospital, Oh.No.Sumo decided to hold a bake sale in a stall made entirely from cardboard.  The stall was at Britomart from 12 pm til 12 am today and cupcakes by Delish were sold for a minimum donation of $2, which is quite the bargain in my book.  Cupcakes are usually super expensive.  I had class in the morning, so planned to head down as soon as possible afterward in order to not miss out.  My class dragged on til almost 1 pm, but I met up with Ruth straight after and down we went…

the stall

cupcake detail

behind stall

By the time Ruth and I made it to the stall there was only one flavour of cupcake left out of the four: Garden of Eden, Cupids Touch, The Delish and Choc Bomb.  Can you guess which one?

delishious cupids touch

Fortunately they were delicious.  I’ve heard about red velvet cake before and I had wondered what its deal was.  The cake was light and crumbly and the cream cheese icing just the right balance of sweet and cheese-y(?).  They didn’t last long.  Well, I bought two, so my first one disappeared quickly and I saved the other one for work later in the day.  It managed to get completely flattened in my bag but still tasted just as delicious.

the other side

After work I got a ride home from Ruth, and since it wasn’t yet midnight we decided to go see if they had any cupcakes left.  The traffic driving through the CBD was insane and I couldn’t figure out why it was so bad.  Some of the roads were blocked off and we ended up having to go around the block a couple of times before we got to where we wanted to be.  They were no longer selling the cupcakes, but the reason behind the traffic became obvious pretty quickly.  Telecom are currently having the Night Lights programme projected onto the Ferry Building on Quay Street.  We had meant to see it last night (Ruth thought it was only for the one night) so we parked the car and wandered over to check it out.  It looked pretty cool, but after sitting down for a while on the closed off road it became a little bit tedious.  Some parts of the projection were visually impressive, and the added sound element which was new from the last time they did something similar made it more engaging, but some parts of it were interactive and went on for a bit long for most of the viewers who weren’t taking part (participation was somewhat limited by the technology).  We stayed for probably just over 20 minutes before getting bored and leaving.  I am glad we got to see it though.  Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera to work with me, so no photos.  Not today anyway.  Maybe I’ll go back down another day.


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