Reasons getting out of bed at 7.30 am isn’t so bad

Beeeeep!  Beep!

“Why… buzzer … 7.30 am…” I groggily ask myself.  Then realisation hits and I leap out of bed in my underwear and race to pick up the door-phone thingy.  “Hello? … Hello?”  “Oh, hello, I have a package for you.”  My heart leaps.  “Ok, I’ll come down.”  I throw on some clothes, unlock the front door and race down the stairs.  On the way I silently hope that this isn’t the redelivery of a package from Fishpond that arrived late after I had emailed to query it not being delivered about two weeks ago.  But it isn’t.  Its the one from Amazon.  The one they said wouldn’t be here for at least another two weeks!

I’ve been waiting for this to arrive since I clicked “Proceed to Checkout”.  Before even.  Because what’s inside?  Only this:

I’ve mentioned it before.  I’ve been drooling over it since an excerpt was printed in The New Yorker.  I’m going to read it now.  All of it.  Even though I should be at uni getting stuff done because I’m about to finish my degree after four long years.

The package also contains a couple of other books: Dara Horn’s The World To Come, which I’ve already read (the reason, along with Jonathan Safran Foer’s Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close, that I’ve decided that Jewish writers are truly excellent), and One Hundred and Fourty-Five Stories In a Small Box, a set of three short story collections, one of which I’ve already read and is also truly excellent.  Sarah Manguso’s Hard to Admit and Harder to Escape makes me want to be a writer.  Makes me think I could be one.  I photocopied the entire book to include in my research for my project this year.  I couldn’t buy either of these in New Zealand, hence the excitement at their arrival from Amazon.  It also helps that the exchange rate converting from US dollars to NZ dollars is really good right now.  In fact I just looked and its even better now than what it was when I paid for this stuff.

So what are you waiting for?  Go buy some stuff.  I’ve got some reading to do…  its research, I swear!  I think I’m going to need some coffee.


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