A Chore and Love

On the subject of my new external hard drive… one of my intended purposes when purchasing said hard drive was in removing a large amount of files off my laptop to free up some much needed space.  The biggest part of that was moving my iTunes and all my music over.  Now that that process is complete I’m in the process of loading a whole bunch of music back onto my iTunes that I hadn’t kept on there for the purposes of space or lack thereof.  I have quite a collection of CDs so its going to take a while.  Tonight while importing a stack I was reminded of a time last year when I fell in love.  With this man…

SufjanIt happened completely out of the blue.  I’d heard of Sufjan before, knew some people who were hardcore fans, but had just never checked his stuff out for myself.  Then Jocee loaded this video on Facebook.  I watched it transfixed.  I think I almost cried.  I immediately went and bought Illinoise and Seven Swans.  Today I find out he has a new album out called The BQE, short for the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, which is the soundtrack for a film he made as a tribute to New York.  I want it.  But I’m poor so I’ll have to wait.  Boo hoo.  I heard he was supposedly coming to New Zealand this year but that doesn’t look like its happening.  Maybe it will soon.  Fingers crossed!


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