Life is Weird; or Stalker at Large

I was at Ruth’s last night making cookies.  We had to go out a couple of times, first to buy the ingredients, then again to buy feijoa wine after the first bottle turned out to be red wine (pay attention to what you pick up off the shelf!).  Ruth decided to take the opportunity during our second trip down the road to tell me about something she’s been sitting on for a year.  Ruth likes to make up stories about people she sees on the street.  The other day at the foodcourt by our work we were sitting near this old guy and Ruth was making up some story about him, and I made some comment about how I hoped that when I’m old people are interested in me and want to make up stories about my life (I don’t remember saying this) and apparently she was going to tell me this then, but she didn’t.  Anyway, back when Ruth first started at work she thought that we knew each other, but it took her ages to figure out why.  So last night she tells me that she used to see me on the street in Newmarket all the time, like daily, and she had made up some story about who I was (she refused to tell me what it was) and wondered what my deal was.  By the time she started at work she hadn’t seen me for a while and had forgotten about this.  Until eventually she remembered.  And then she told me last night.  Apparently this is also why she was so interested in being friends with me.  Otherwise she wouldn’t have bothered.  Because I’m difficult.  Ha!  But I am interesting.  It was worth the effort.


One Response to “Life is Weird; or Stalker at Large”

  1. Dale Campbell Says:

    me, my wife (before we were married) and our ‘son’ (before we had a real son – this was an Indonesian student) have sat in that food court, by that cinema, and done that very thing… 🙂 so fun, and so cool (and ironic) to hear of others doing it too! 🙂

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