The Imaginarium

The ImaginariumI have been anticipating Terry Gilliam’s latest film since before I even knew what it was about.  The name alone was enough to have my imagination running rampant.  And Gilliam’s imagination clearly has been.  The fact that this was Heath Ledger’s final film appearance certainly didn’t hurt its chances either.  Strangely over the last little while not much has been heard about The Imaginarium.  The studio or distributor or whomever doesn’t seem to have been too worried about getting the audience hyped up about it’s release.  I don’t know.  Anyway, watching any Gilliam film is always intriguing.  He seems to suffer from a problem with having grand ideas and not knowing exactly what to do with them once they become a reality.  The Imaginarium is beautiful, well cast, and the plot is fairly solidly grounded.  It all goes well until the climax, where it seems to unravel slightly at the seams.  I have to say that I did definitely enjoy it, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys the type of films Gilliam makes.  He made the death of his biggest name star before the film was finished work for him rather than against him as one would have thought it would.  I didn’t quite believe that he would pull it off, but he did.  When Johnny Depp made his appearance it didn’t even feel odd.  And then Jude Law, and finally Colin Farrell.  They each suited the different aspects of the character particularly well.  This piece of sleight-of-hand certainly paid off.  Christopher Plummer was brilliant, Lily Cole suitably ‘scrumptious’, and Andrew Garfield who I last saw in the intense ‘Boy A’ was, um, well, cute (for want of a better description).  It’s in cinemas from November 5.  Enjoy!


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