The Productivity Objective

On Monday at 6 pm the fate of my Fine Arts degree will be sealed.  I will have finished hanging my prints on the walls, put up my shelf and have my book displayed in a ‘ooooh, ahhhhh’ kind of way.  There will be nothing more I can do except go out and de-stress and let it all go.  This morning I went in to do a bit more stuff.  Here are some pictures of my presentation spaces in their current state.  You have no idea of how they looked at the start of the week.  There has been a mammoth amount of scraping and sanding and painting and sanding and lying down and painting and painting and painting and painting.

Corridor Tight

Corridor Wide

Elevator Lobby

Sometimes it all gets a bit much and you have to lie down and recover.  Like this guy.  He’s an interesting one.

No Stopping

By the afternoon I had put up some string.  I hope you’re impressed with my efforts.

Elevator Lobby with String

Then I went to work.  At my job, I mean.  Where they pay me.

If you want to see what I’ve actually been doing with my life for the past four years you can come to the Elam Graduate Show in a couple of weeks.  Its open to the public.  If you want to know more details, ask.


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