Shawn Records

I was reading Shawn Records’ blog and he linked to this page on his website that documents his photographs as published in print media.  Its funny, cos even though this is simply a picture to document and share his work in print, it is such a great picture just for itself.  The expression on Sam’s face as he stands there helping his dad out is just, um, trying to think of a word that fits… I want to say delicious but that sounds odd.  I really, really like it.  No, really.

I have to admit that I first got turned on to Shawn because he’s the father of Max Records (Max from Where the Wild Things Are) and he was profiled over at We Love You So here and here, but that early interest has turned into an interest in him because I really like what he does.  And he says some interesting things on his blog.

His work is also featured in the current issue of Monster Children, which is a magazine I really like.  I tried to find it the other day but I couldn’t.  Hopefully it’ll be on sale near me soon.


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