About Towners and a Nice Surprise

Today I had some space in between work and work and when I popped in to see Amber at Shaky Isles on Saturday we arranged to have some hang time, which I always like.  We had a fairly typical Amber/Nathaniel day involving wandering around town and making various purchases (she purchasing, me being her consumer-conscience).  Having had varying success and encountering unanticipated delights slash horrifying temptations (my list of things to buy when I have money just keeps getting longer and longer) we ventured from High Street to Queen and into what was once the Starbucks that Amber worked in a million years ago and is now Kikki-K, Amber being in search of a diary for the new year.  She browsed and I stood around not particularly paying attention to what was going on when I heard a familiar song playing.  I said “Oh, its…” and looked up at the shopgirl, “… your album…”  Weird coincidence.  The girl behind the counter was none other than Chelsea Jade of Teacups fame (Teacups’ newly released album Forest Fiction being the album in question).  Amber hadn’t found anything she wanted but because Chelsea mentioned that she had sold an album to someone earlier that day I waited until she was finished with her customer so I could purchase my own copy (I had wanted to go to the album launch last week where I would’ve bought it, but went and watched (500) Days of Summer for the fifth time instead, after some special pleading from my friends—ok not actual pleading, I wanted to go).  Chelsea is also a student at Elam, although not in my year, and I have seen her around a bit at Artisan Guns gigs and various places, so we chatted a bit about the state of things, etc. and then Amber and I moved on, me being quite pleased with my new and so unexpected acquisition.

Here are some pictures of Teacups and Chelsea…

…and here is a link to Chelsea’s own MySpace where she has some solo music which I only found out about just now from reading about it on her blog (and I really really like it… especially Snow.  Go listen!).


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