Today is December 3rd, making it the day Where the Wild Things Are is finally released in New Zealand, and the seemingly interminable wait is over.  Ruth and I had both agreed that it would be best for everyone if we watched it alone for the first time.  We didn’t want anything to distract from the experience, and at the top of the list of distrations when watching a film is thinking about what the other people you are watching it with are thinking.  Or being told.  So she went to one cinema and I went to another.  When the film started I actually welled up a little bit.  I feel like this film is a part of me almost, I feel that connected to it.  I had anticipated that it would be like this, which is partly why I wanted to keep the experience unsullied by the presence of others.  I won’t go into details of what happens, etc.  So what did I think?  Max Records is undeniably well cast.  The relationship between him and Catherine Keener as mother and son feels right.  The Wild Things are each their own fully realised person.  They are believable as characters, even the ones I didn’t like as much were still really great.  Karen O’s songs and score really complement the feel of Spike Jonze’s film.  I have been calling this my favourite movie of all time for a few months already without having seen it, and it didn’t disappoint.  Where the Wild Things Are is officially my new favourite movie ever.  Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers might just be geniuses.

PS. I’m watching it again tomorrow with my very own Mad Red Thing (aka KW/Katherine).  Hurrah!


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