Le Premier Jour du Reste de Ma Vie

Finally today, after camping on Ruth’s bedroom floor for the past couple of weeks, I started moving my stuff into my new flat on Newton Road.  I couldn’t move everything, but I moved enough stuff to make it homey-like.  Most importantly my bed.  My new flatmate is very impressed by how I’ve transformed the room by the simple act of moving my stuff in.  Here’s a little look…

Just what I always wanted in my bedroom: a sink.

Its been peony season for a couple of weeks, pretty much since I moved out of the apartment.  I’ve been hanging out to buy some (I love them… note it down, favourite flower: peony) so after moving in today I picked some up.

If you’re curious about the title of this post, its a reference to the French movie The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.  I watched it at the Auckland International Film Festival earlier in the year and really liked it, and now we’re showing it at work so I went and watched it again this evening.  It makes me smile and brings a tear to my eye (no mean feat).  And it has pretty much the best use of the song Perfect Day in a movie, ever.


2 Responses to “Le Premier Jour du Reste de Ma Vie”

  1. systemy w ruletce Says:

    Da fragt man sich beim lesen ja schon, ob man nicht irgendwie auf den Kopf gefallen ist.

  2. thewhitebird Says:

    “Because one wonders when the already read whether you not somehow fell on its head.” Bing translator.

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