Hell in a handcart or something like that

Ok, I’m just going to rant a bit.  I need to get it out.  Today at work I didn’t have the best day.  It started off ok.  Busy for a Monday (being a public holiday), but still fairly quiet.  Around mid-afternoon I had another staff member start (she’s new, this being her second day on the job), and I finally went on a break.  After I came back it felt like I had left my brain behind or something.  I just couldn’t focus properly and kept forgetting about things I was supposed to be doing.  Not too big of a deal, but not fantastic.  Anyway, around 4 pm a couple come in and they’ve booked tickets to see The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (a big film for us at the moment).  They go up to the new girl and give her the details of the booking, including the booking number they were given by the person on the phone and the credit card they paid with.  The only problem being that the booking number wasn’t within our current range of booking numbers, and the credit card didn’t bring up the booking.  I also looked at all the bookings on the sessions we had starting in the next two hours, and couldn’t find anything that matched.  We (the manager now being involved) explained to the couple, who by this point were getting a little annoyed, that we would have to figure out what had happened with the original booking, but in the mean time they would have to buy new tickets (without finding the original booking we couldn’t do a refund, and if the booking had been made at a different cinema – quite possible as the call centre services all the cinemas owned by the company – we wouldn’t be able to do the refund ourselves, it would have to be taken care of by that cinema or by the call centre who made the initial error).  The guy mentioned that the person on the phone had been completely incompetent.  It was fairly busy at this stage; the manager had gone to the office to call the call centre to find out what they had done, and the couple were getting pissed off because their movie was going to start soon.  I finally told the guy that if he paid for the new tickets they could go in and then come and sort the rest out after the movie, by which stage we would know what the story is and be able to figure it out.  I give them their tickets and they go off.  I continue on with my scatterbrained afternoon and don’t give them another thought.  Until half an hour later when they are back in my face telling me that I am incompetent and have sold them tickets to a session that was half an hour from the end of the movie.  I check their tickets and they have the right tickets for the session that started when they went up.  I ask if they actually went to the cinema I told them and that was printed on the tickets (the same movie was also playing in another cinema) and they are adamant that they went to the right place and that it is all my fault.  By this stage my manager has signed me out and I am supposed to be leaving and I have had more than enough of these two who are being very obnoxious and not listening to reason.  I go and get the manager and explain it to her and she comes out to deal with them and I go out another way to the staffroom to get changed.  On the way there I go up to the cinemas and sure enough one cinema has just finished and another one is less than an hour in (this one being the one for the tickets they had).  They have definitely just gone into the first cinema they saw that said the name of the film without checking the number.  When I come back out after getting changed the couple are standing there, having been given new tickets to the next session by the manager, who has also given them the phone number for the call centre who will sort out the problem with the original booking and refund the money.  They are on the phone with the call centre right then and there.  The woman stops me on my way past to tell me how disgusted she is by our handling of the entire thing.  Because, you know, I am the most incompetent person out of everyone.  By this stage I feel like telling them to just get the hell out and not come back.  We seriously don’t need people with this kind of attitude coming in.  Most people are reasonable.  But I bite my tongue.  When I talk to the manager again, she is furious and tells me that the call centre have told this couple that we could have just done the refund in the first place (we couldn’t.  full stop.) and they now think that we are actually as incompetent as they thought all along.  Which we aren’t.  They are just believing the people who made the initial mistake over us, who have actually not done anything wrong.  Soooo frustrating!!

We don’t need them when we have people like Finn (frontman of The Veils) coming in.  He has the same otherworldliness about him in person as he does not in person, if you get my drift.  You can download a free demo song that Finn recorded this year here.

Phew!  Thank goodness the day is done because I am fully over it.


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