December 31, 2009

The day: New Year’s Eve.  The objective: to meet up with Amber and have a How To Be An Explorer Of the World day.

We met at Three Lamps in Ponsonby at 1.30 pm and began with beverages and snacks at Salta (previously Atlas) cafe.  I had grapefruit juice and a slice of Ginger and Pear loaf.  Delicious.  Just thinking of it again now is making my mouth water.  Amber had bought both How To Be An Explorer Of the World and This Is Not A Book (I would have brought mine as well, but I didn’t).  Amber carried out some of the suggested activities, including recording overheard conversations (no one was sitting close enough, so it was just the snippets that she could pick out), and collecting items (pink plastic straw with bendy bit).  Then we ventured out into the street.

Amber had plans for the evening which involved her going to the supermarket on the way home, so we decided to walk along Ponsonby Road in the general direction of her house and carry out a scavenger hunt.  Keri Smith advises in How To Be An Explorer Of the World that the rules for such an activity should be set by the individual and that things should be made up and altered to suit along the way.  Amber decided to collect small, brightly coloured, unnatural objects as the basis for the scavenge and it was on.  We walked along the road ignoring the many shops and instead perusing the pavement for its overlooked treasures and various detritus.  The world becomes an infinitely more interesting place when you do something as simple as shifting your focus from where it would usually be to something new or different.  Stops along the way included a dairy to buy some flowers for Amber’s bedroom, Magazzino (or is it Mag World?) where she purchased the latest Frankie magazine, my place, and the supermarket in Mt Eden.  We eventually wound up back at Amber’s place where we wiled away the afternoon hours until the evening’s festivities.

The end of the the year was ushered out with wine and delectable snacks and dinner and hilarity, and the new year seen in with a view from the verandah of the fireworks on the Skytower.  Jo and Chris were also there, among others, and it was really good to see them (especially Jo, who I have been attempting to have a catch up with for the last month).  I have to say that it was a very enjoyable way to end a less than fantastic year.


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