The year was 1989…

…the class was Room 5, and I was teeny.

Today my school teacher from when I was 9 came in to work.  Mrs Smith.  It is 20 years since I was in her class (pretty much).   She asked if I had good memories from back then.  I said yes, and although my memories of primary school are pretty jumbled up, but I do remember a few things.  And some of the children.  Some of them I remember fondly, and some of them I wouldn’t care to ever see again.  Some even fall across both categories.

I don’t really care to go into the details.  It’s interesting to think back, though, and remember the world as it was.  You would think they were simpler times, but they really weren’t.

She commented that I didn’t go to the school reunion.  I think I can safely say that I wouldn’t have gone if you’d paid me.  Just the thought of it gives me heart palpitations.


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