I see my feet.

Tonight I watched the new Paul Giamatti film Cold Souls.  I wasn’t expecting too much.  My manager (I work at the cinema) told me that it is an awful film that we are only showing as a favour.  I’ll have to talk to her again about what she didn’t like, because I really did.  Like it.  Its kooky and different and has Lauren Ambrose.  And New York.  And St Petersburg.  Every aspect of the film was excellent in my opinion.  The acting was great.  The cinematography was delicious.  The story was intriguing and strange and amusing.  The one annoyance was the presence of the boom mike which was frequently visible (and very obvious) in the shot.  I’ve been reading some reviews and noone else has mentioned this, so perhaps we just got a dodgy print?  Who knows.  I still really liked the film despite it.


Ok so I received some clarity over the boom-in-shot thing today at work.  Apparently it was a projection issue and the framing was wrong in just the session I was in and they have since corrected it.  Which means that actually there is no issue with the boom mike, it wasn’t supposed to be visible, and usually wouldn’t be.  So now I want to watch it again and get a new sense of it as a straight movie without this kind of interruption of the suspension of belief.  Hopefully I still like it a second time.  I think I will though, because I stayed to watch the start tonight in one of the sessions and felt affected by just the first few minutes.  Paul Giamatti brings a really great intensity to the role.


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