I’d been thinking about this for a few days, ever since Amber put it in my head when she described to me the different smoothie combinations that they make at Shaky Isles (the café she worked at up until very recently).  What better smoothie to have than my very own Joanna Newsom inspired concoction.

Ingredients:  Peaches, plums and pears (skinned, chopped, cored/stoned, frozen), yoghurt, milk (quantities you can decide for yourself).

Method: Blend frozen fruit until smooth, add yoghurt and milk and blend until combined, pour into cup, drink.

I used two pears, three peaches and two plums.  I’m not sure exactly which varieties but I don’t think it matters too much.  I ended up with far more fruit than I had anticipated, so have refrozen the unused portion of fruit purée.  The resulting smoothie has an interesting flavour.  The one most distinguishable is the pear, with the peach and plum adding a touch of tartness with a peachy aftertaste.  The milk and yoghurt make it creamy and cut a lot of the tartness the fruit purée has on its own.  All in all I’d say I’m pleasantly surprised with the result.  When you make things up off the top of your head they can often not turn out exactly as anticipated, but this one is a winner.

And here is the song this smoothie was inspired by:

This is also to make me feel better because Joanna was in town this week but I didn’t go to the show because of a lack of funds.  Oh well, maybe next time.


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