Taking it back a bit

You probably don’t remember, but I always felt like you were trying to make me into a better person than the one I was.  Maybe it was that you kinda thought I was that person already, I don’t know.  And I think you thought I wanted you to be someone other than who you were.  Well I didn’t.  I just wanted you to be you.  At least that’s how I think it was.  Memories can be funny that way, but I have irrefutable evidence that kinda backs me up.  I think.  Anyway, I was only ever your friend because I thought you were cool.  I think that’s why you never really went away.  At least in my mind.


2 Responses to “Taking it back a bit”

  1. firemansaveourpets Says:

    Time has changed the way I think about things.

    And a gap of a few human years is not so long really, from the perspective of a human lifetime.

  2. thewhitebird Says:

    Oh you think this is about you, do you?

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