Overactive Imagination

It was with some anticipation that I returned home tonight after a long and slow stretch at work.  You see yesterday Ruth and I made a treck out to Manukau to check out their new cinemas, and while we were in the mall we were shanghai-ed into buying a tray of 12 donuts (ok it was for the same price as buying 3 essentially, but hey).  So I had a turkish delight donut left that was the reason for my anticipation, but upon examining the remaining contents of my donut box I discover that my flatmate (or an associate) has eaten the one donut I asked her not to.  Not happy…

So this was what I was imagining taking place when I got home.  So much so that when I looked in the donut box I thought she had eaten the donut in question, but upon closer inspection the turkish delight donut was still present and accounted for.  And it was delicious.


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