Day Off

Today was productive against the odds.  Seeing as I don’t have to work today chances were that the day would be wiled away without my leaving the comfort of my bed (quite possibly my favourite place in the world).  However I was unable to even pretend to sleep through the morning and I had a couple of online things to do (including applying to graduate) so I got stuck into my email.  Which prompted me to go to uni to pick up my portfolio (today being the last day, but I hadn’t checked my email in too long so would have missed it otherwise… lucky) and do other things in town at the same time.  These included picking up the schedule for the 2010 World Cinema Showcase from the Academy Cinema, getting some books out from the library, checking if the central city JB HiFi has certain CDs that I want (they have: St Vincent, Actor; Noah and the Whale, The First Days of Spring; Mumford & Sons, Sigh No More.  They don’t have: Bon Iver, For Emma, Forever Ago), seeing if Smoove have anything I want to buy (not particularly, which is unfortunate under the circumstances), going to Unity Books’ 21st birthday (that wasn’t planned, I was just walking past), and buying a magazine from MagNation.

Hopefully this will lead to me becoming inspired.  I bought a volume of poetry by Rilke from Unity Books and Eyemazing from MagNation.  I am fully open to being inspired.

So now I have things to read, rather than just wasting the rest of my day and life.  Which is positive.


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