The Big Three-Oh

It is currently, as I write this, one hour and thirteen minutes until I turn 30 (New Zealand time, anyway).  Its a strange thing to think about, because I don’t feel as old as 30, yet I don’t think of 30 as being so old as I used to either.  It doesn’t matter to me that I don’t have my life all ‘together’.  I don’t have to live anyone else’s version of my life because I get the priviledge of living my own.

Yesterday I had a small gathering in celebration of the event (as one does), and it was really great.  A beautiful day out of the city, with the sun shining (but not too hot); great company, great food, great music: what more could a person ask for?  For those of you who came, you made my day.  For those of you who were unable to make it, you were missed.  And you missed out.  The dark side chocolate cookies and the caramelised pear gingerbread I made were excellent, as were the sandwiches and cake.  (Sorry I couldn’t invite everyone, but big parties are not me, and I don’t enjoy them).  Special props to Andrea who flew up from Christchurch for the weekend to be there, and extra special mention for being the only person there who was also at my 21st (family members don’t count).

So here’s to life getting better than it’s ever been before, and even greater adventures to come.


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