And behold the skies opened

I just had possibly the scariest drive home in my life.  Now, my car is not the most reliable to begin with, and also has a kind of filmy build-up on the inside of the windscreen that I have not managed to dislodge, so driving at night is already somewhat, um, hazardous is the wrong word.  Fraught?  Ok.  So add to that bucketing rain and you have yourself quite the predicament.  I was driving along on the motorway at a fair clip when I realised that I was having trouble seeing the lane markings.  Not good.  So I decided to move to the outside lane where at least I’m more likely to hit a barrier than another car, and even then it wasn’t great.  Eventually I managed to guide my car to my exit without any collisions.  Phew.  In short, I hope you weren’t walking along the footpath at the top of Khyber Pass Road when I drove past because you would have been engulfed by a veritable wall of water from my tyres and quite possibly drowned.  RIP.


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