I’ll make someone a good wife one day…

I went away this last weekend to spend easter with some of my extended family.  There was a plan to share the cooking around, and although I wasn’t sure exactly what the deal was I decided to take a couple of things with me, including this gingered carrot soup I had made earlier in the week and some cookie dough, one roll of dark side dough left over from my birthday, and a new batch of chocolate chip cookie dough from the Edmonds cookbook (every good New Zealander has one).  So it turned out that Saturday night dinner was going to be a kind of tapas style deal, with different people making small dishes to share around.  My soup got the vote for best flavour of the weekend.  And my cookies number two.  Want me to come over and cook for you?  Seems like I’ve got the touch.  I have to say that my recent cooking experiments do seem to be turning out pretty well.


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