Dear neighbours

To the lovely people who work next door to me at Beatnik Publishing; 153 Newton Road, Auckland, New Zealand, I would just like to let you and the world know that (besides certain people who I work with) I think you are some of the most childish and least respectful people I have ever come across.  I don’t believe that you have the right to do as you please, going out of your way to provoke irritation in someone just because they let you know that it would be preferable if you didn’t leave your lights on til all hours of the night/morning and those other things you so delight in doing to purposefully incite sleeplessness in someone who has not done anything to deserve such provocation.  Also, snarky comments as you pass my window are surely beneath “professionals” such as yourselves, or even adults.  I don’t believe you’re still in high school.  Seriously, grow up and learn some respect.


2 Responses to “Dear neighbours”

  1. RW Says:

    UGH! seriously, what is their problem? I hope they read this.

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