Got my eye on you

Today I watched this French film called Jusqu’à Toi (English title – Every Jack Has A Jill – kinda silly).  Its a romantic comedy about an American guy who goes to Paris, loses his suitcase, the suitcase ends up with this French girl who proceeds to fall for him based on the contents of the suitcase.  Pretty cute.  Kinda tries to be a bit Amelie-quirky-esque, but a bit low-budget as well.  Not that that’s a problem.  I enjoyed it.  The real revelation was Mélanie Laurent.  While of course I’ve come across her before (I mean, she was pretty much the best thing about Inglorious Basterds), this made me see her in a new way.  Well I do have a soft spot for quirky and French, so maybe its not such a hard one to figure out.  Anyway, the film’s worth a looksee, and I will be keeping an eye out for Miss Laurent in the future…


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