Jeunet your genius is showing

The story is that of an unwitting video clerk who is hit in the head with a stray bullet, then has trouble re-entering society after he is patched up by the doctors.  The world has moved on, his apartment and job gone, along with his belongings, so he has to find a way to regain his place somehow.  Eventually he falls in with a band of junkyard misfits and sets out to get his own back on the arms manufacturers at the source of his problems.

While Micmacs can’t be quite compared to Amélie or A Very Long Engagement, it is still classic Jeunet.  Whimsical, comical, sweet and weird it is more aptly comparable to his earlier work: Delicatessen and The City of Lost Children, while retaining a more real world setting than either of those.  Its problems arise from a slight feeling of drag around the middle, and no character solid enough for the audience to really latch on to and deeply empathise with.  I would say that a solid three star rating is well deserved.


2 Responses to “Jeunet your genius is showing”

  1. Amber Says:

    When I saw ‘Jeunet’ I read it as ‘Jenut’ and instantly tried to hide behind something.

    Email coming. In the meantime, I miss you. I mean it. Not just words.

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