We’ll Eat You Up

One of my favourite and most inspiring blogs is coming to a sad end this week…  It was originally created by Spike Jonze as a kind of collection of influences on the production of his masterpiece film adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are, along with other art/ephemera/interestingness for the general delight of its audience.  With the help of several contributors, including Molly Young and Dallas Clayton, it has brought a lot of happy internet time to myself and many others over the last year or so.

Anyway, as a final hurrah they are giving away an adult sized Max wolf-suit (an official one from the production of the film) along with other exciting goodies, so if you’re at all interested (and why would you not be?!) click over to the site and comment.  Or don’t.  Cos if you do there’s less of a chance that I’ll win.

Anyways, here’s hoping it won’t be too long before these guys pop up again with something equally awesome.

Spike and friends, I salute you!

Sadly the site has now been taken down, so if you missed out on it I feel very sorry for you.  It was a place of wonder.


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