Curiouser and curiouser…

It would appear that someone broke in to my house tonight just before I came home from work.  Or attempted to unsuccessfully.  One or the other.

When I arrived home just before 11 pm I noticed that the small pane of safety glass (ie. thick glass with wire embedded inside) in the front door had been smashed in.  When I opened the front door there was glass all over the doormat.  My flatmate came out and asked if I had just come home because she swore that she had heard someone come in the house several times before the glass was broken, yet nothing appeared to have been touched and the door was locked.  Her boyfriend arrived shortly after I did, and together we decided that she must’ve made this up in her head because she had been listening to music in her bedroom, which is right off the small living area.  Later we found a key broken off in the lock inside the house, and my flatmate couldn’t find her keys.

None of this makes any sense, but we are now worried about some weirdo wandering around with her keys (although the house key is now broken) doing who knows what.  My flatmate called the police, but of course they wouldn’t come tonight.  They might come to check for fingerprints tomorrow.

The whole thing is just so bizarre…


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