I’ve probably said it before, but I’m feeling the need to get it out… so, my blog tells me some information about how many people come to it and what pages they look at, and it also tells me how they got there (like what search they did to find it… so I can tell when you search me by name and spell it wrong).  Anyways, there’re certain types of activity that get me paranoid about who’s looking, because people who have me bookmarked don’t search for me, so they don’t come up except having gone to my main page, or whatever.  So anyways, when people search for my blog specifically it always kinda creeps me out.  Like people who know I blog, and know the name of my blog and use a search to get to me and do so on a sporadic or not so sporadic basis…

But anyway… hi guys, I’m glad you’re coming to see me regardless… I’m sorry I don’t write on here more often to make it more interesting for you, but sometimes I don’t feel like I have much of anything to say… like now.


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