Close encounters

Today I went on a small excursion to check out the education/teachers college campus of Auckland Uni.  A friend of mine (Ruth) has to go there for a test tomorrow but wasn’t sure how to get there so we decided to go check it out.  So we’re there and we’re walking around, we find the building she’s going to sit the test in, and we’re about to go in when I see a familiar face.  As it turns out I know a few people studying there this year who graduated with me from fine arts and are now doing a post-grad teaching course.  So we end up standing there having a slightly awkward catch up stop-and-chat with a few people about what we’re up to, how things are going etc etc. then they go off because they have class.  Ruth and I go into the building to find the room the test is in, and we find it (or think we do) and as we’re waiting for the elevator to go back down I see this woman sitting in an office with her back to us and I think she looks really familiar.  I look at the names on the directory to see if its who I think it is but don’t see anyone familiar.  I mention to Ruth that she looks like my high school principal, but I’m not sure because I can only see the back of her head, and Ruth says oh, is it blah-blah-blah, and I say yes and she says that it was on the top of the list of the directory.  Clearly I’m blind.  Its a funny small world.  She would have been my principal about 15 years ago and I can still recognise the back of her head.  And then we left.



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