New life

So I guess its about time to update you all on what’s been happening in my life over the last few days, since there’s been a bit…  On Wednesday I was offered the role of duty manager at my job, which I’ve been kind of waiting around for, for a while.  A couple of weeks ago our site manager was made redundant, and then next day one of the duty managers resigned which neatly wrapped up some workplace tension that had been lingering for several months.  So it’ll be an exciting and challenging few weeks as I move into the new role and learn the ropes.  This also coincides with the return of the group manager from head office who will be overseeing the cinemas again, so its a whole new start pretty much.

Also, I’ve been in the middle of an unsettled period regarding my flat, with the building being sold and the new owners taking over and us never being told exactly what’s happening.  So finally my flatmate moved out last week and I’m moving into a new place across the road with a friend of mine from work at the moment.  I’m in about the mid-point of moving right now (last night was spent running back and forwards across the road—did I mention its a busy main road—with my stuff, the most eventful being when we carried my queen size mattress across at about 11.30 pm), so most of the big stuff is done, but there’s a bunch of little things lying around that still have to be rounded up and carted across.  Also we haven’t managed to figure out how to get the new internet connection working at the new place, so here I am sitting on my old bedroom floor filling you in with my excitement-filled life.

And that’s about it, you’re all up to date.


2 Responses to “New life”

  1. ngaire Says:

    Way to go – would have loved to help you shift – but you would have had enough of a comedy routine without me.
    Please to hear you have new job – or promotion – worth waiting for I hope.
    I would like you to help me set up a site like this for me – would make life easier sometimes

  2. Geoffrey Spain Says:

    Nathaniel, Congratulations on your promotion. It’ll be good experience for you to have to “manage” other people. I’m sure you’ll do a great job there.

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