Guns a-blazin’

So, I’m officially over this whole no-internet thing.  Supposedly it was connected on Thursday (this is getting on for a month since signing up) but was still not working on Friday night.  I finally got around to calling the internet company today to start making a serious complaint, but when I asked to speak to a supervisor/team leader apparently there was only one person who I could talk to, but unfortunately they were on another phonecall, but they said they would call me back in three to four hours. Ridiculous!  I told them that was totally unacceptable and that if I actually had to wait three hours I would be considerably more angry by then that I was already, and I’m pretty sure they could tell I was fuming.  So I have a nap, then get ready and go to work… no phonecall.  Four hours.  Five hours.  No phonecall.  What the hell?  Is this the way you deal with someone who is already not happy?  I don’t think so.  I’ve worked in customer service before, so I should know.

Tomorrow I’m calling them back and they are gonna get blasted so hard they won’t know what hit them or which way is up.  And I don’t like being unpleasant.  They have stretched my patience waaaay past breaking point by now.

So yeah.  Fun day.


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