It was a wild sort of an evening.  One where where the trees danced to some unruly rhythm only they could feel.  One that was somewhat moist, where the clouds pressed low and close, the air felt thick, pregnant, as it brushed up against your cheeks.  Bottles of beer pulled from the refridgerator in an effort to stave off this clinging summer fug were sweating bullets almost immediately.  Later, unable to find sleep, people tossed and turned, the bedclothes discarded in a messy heap.  There was a breeze that curled in through open windows, but its comfort was all a pretence.  It had no coolness to offer, instead making the blinds rattle and the doors creak on their hinges and so only adding to the sleeplessness that swallowed up the world.

He sighed, trying unsuccessfully to tempt his thoughts away from the paths they loved to tread, ones offering only boredom or frustration as he lay on his bed far out into the night, listening to the sounds of the traffic as it ebbed and flowed on the street below his window.


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