There was an anticipation swirling around in his belly that wouldn’t let him sleep.  That and the air, so warm and close it was like being breathed on by a hundred sweaty men.  Whichever, sleep was receding further and further into the distance.  He considered his options as far as somnulents were concerned but he came up blank.  He got up from the bed and went into the kitchen, retrieving a bottle of orange soda from the pantry and putting it into the refridgerator in anticipation of a future desire for its cool sweetness.  He wandered out onto the balcony, standing there in just his underpants, letting the night air wash over him.  He looked out at the city lights and considered what it meant to be standing alone in the dark in virtually full public view in his underwear.  Despite the mugginess it was a beautiful night, the trees stirring slightly below, the usually busy street quiet, the cars parked, empty and silent.  He could be alone in the world in this moment.  He sighed and went back inside.


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