written in light

Leave everything.
Leave dada.
Leave your wife, leave your mistress.
Leave your hopes and fears.
Drop your kids in the middle of nowhere.
Leave the substance for the shadow.
Leave behind, if need be, your comfortable
life and promising future.
Take to the highways.

Le cadavre — exquis — boira — le vin — nouveau
The exquisite corpse will drink the new wine.

I dreamed I was alive.  That surprised me.
I was alive.  But I woke myself up.

Oh magnificent dream, in the pale morning of buildings, leaning on your elbows on chalk cornices, merging your pure, mobile features with the miraculous immobility of statues, don’t ever leave, enticed by dawn’s deliberate lies.

— as seen in neon at GOMA (Queensland Art Gallery, Gallery of Modern Art)


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