In The Future


Miranda July.  Is brilliant.  I love her.  And her new film The Future.   And her previous film Me and You and Everyone We Know, but this isn’t about that, this is about The Future.  Which is what it’s about.  About the passage of time, and how that feels, and what it seems like to you as it passes, and what it means to grow older, and realise that you’re growing older.  And what if you decided to adopt a cat with your partner, but the cat were old and sick and possibly going to die in six months to five years.  And that cat (Paw Paw) were to narrate your film.  It would be delightful and hilarious and full of longing and sadness as well.  This is a complex film, and it draws you in, and there is a magical sequence about loss and depression (well that’s how I read it, the part where time stops).  So what I’m saying, basically is that it’s a film you should see.

I also really want to read her book now.  She is really talented.


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