Rugby World Cup 2011

Well it’s come and it’s gone and I didn’t watch a single game.  Well, I watched parts of two games, but I don’t think that really counts.  Tonight was the final, and the All Blacks beat France 8-7 in a kind of repeat of their win in the final, again over France in the first world cup in 1987.

I didn’t see even a minute of it.

I was at work.

There were 14 people, total, watching films at the end of the night when the game was being played.  One person in the last film to finish meaning I had to stay at work for around an extra half hour.  For that one person.

There were fireworks.  I didn’t see them.

What I did get was interviewed by a Campbell Live reporter (that’s a current affairs type news programme for those not from New Zealand) about how many people were watching movies instead of watching the rugby.  They came in to interview our few customers about why they weren’t watching the rugby.  So I might be on TV.  Again.  Whoop whoop!  Look out for it this week maybe.

From the sounds coming from outside my window right now, the entire country is going to wake up with a pretty severe hangover tomorrow.  Good thing it’s a public holiday.

I’ll be at work.  Again.


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