Songs for Christmas

Tonight was the first practice for the Christmas Eve service my church is putting on.  Last week when we were talking about it I half seriously half jokingly suggested that we add O Come Emmanuel to the list (in my mind all the best Christmas songs are on the mournful side).  So this week when I turned up I found out that they had listened to me.  My next battle is to get them to give it a subtle Sufjan influence, and if I succeed my work is done.

In other news I took Sufjan’s Songs for Christmas box set to work yesterday, so I’m in control of the Christmas atmosphere (and the general atmosphere) up in there.  It’s a nice feeling to share a bit of a different take on Christmas songs with people who wouldn’t usually hear them.  And they were calling me the Grinch.

(I just have a thing about people putting up Christmas decorations in October, ohkay?  It’s not okay.)


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