Blind Boy

Sitting on the bus and listening to Lydia Cole’s new song (I carefully ripped it off the internet using my iPhone’s voice memos function, kind of like back in high school when I used to record songs off the radio onto cassette tapes), looking out the window at the rain falling steadily down, calling the world back to into life, and I’m drawn back to the day I first heard the song.

It was up on Devonport’s Mount Victoria, sitting in a car and looking out across the harbour to the city.  Lydia had only just recorded the song during the final push to finish her album.  We were up there having a chat, just chilling, and somehow we got around to the song.  I didn’t want to ask, but fortunately she offered to let me listen to it.  It was another rainy day, and as the wind drove the rain against the windows the song filled the car and swept me away.

Ever since that day I’ve been hanging out for the day the album will come out so I could listen to it again, but thankfully it’s now been released onto the radio, and you can listen to it online here.

I’m still super excited for the album to be released (sometime in January) but in the meantime I have a little bit of something to tide me over.

Edit:  Ok so you can listen to it here now too (the proper version, that is, not the ripped one—just to be clear)…


One Response to “Blind Boy”

  1. cameravagrant Says:

    Beautiful post, and I love the sense of nostalgia you get from the shot…

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