I was standing in a large marbled room, a kind of hall or foyer in what seemed like an important building.  It was late at night, but there were people around, I certainly wasn’t the only one there.  I was standing to the side near a wall, and when I looked up there were two men walking just a couple of feet from me, circling around the periphery of my personal space.  They were watching me warily and threateningly at the same time, in the same kind of way a pack of wolves looks at their prey before they attack.  They were bulky and completely dark from head to toe; dark hair, dark skin, dark suits and shoes and each holding some kind of black device, larger and bulkier than a smart phone, maybe more the size of a remote control.  Their eyes were the only thing that wasn’t dark, like they were lit up from within, some kind of unholy fire burning behind their irises.  And then they lunged, and I realised the devices were some kind of stunner, and that they wanted to take something from me but I didn’t know what.  And then I was lying on a bench with them crouched over me, with their devices held against my skin rendering me helpless.  It wasn’t like an electric shock, but it was some kind of force that held me rigid and paralysed as they searched for whatever it was they had come for.  I didn’t like the sense of helplessness and invasion so I woke myself up.


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