I’m going to tell you an exciting story.  It relates to one of the only things that I’ve been finding interesting in my life recently.  These things are a sofa and a desk, both of which are for sale in stores in the vicinity of my work.  The desk just down from where I work, and the sofa around the corner.  In fact, the level of interest I have in these two items means I have changed the way I walk to and from work in order to go past the stores to look at them.  The sofa is a kind of turquoise, squarish in shape, and faintly retro, with “buttons” (for want of a better word) set into it’s cushioning.  It also folds down into a double bed (each side independently, meaning you could fold half of the back down if you so desired).  The desk is made from a dark brown wood and the colour I would say suggests it is made from oak.  It has three white drawers along the under side, and an interesting arrangement of legs (it’s called a trestle desk).  So anyway, the story is that I was walking back to work this afternoon (I had also been there for a few hours in the morning), and walking past the store the desk is in, I saw that it is on sale at 60% off.  I was so disconcerted by this fact that I stopped to look at the desk, and the price, and then kept on walking.  Needless to say I will be going in tomorrow afternoon on my way to work and if they still have it, it will become mine.  Which will mean I will have one less thing occupying my thoughts.  This is a good thing.


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