There is no way to say God without saying Everything

This is a street.  You have seen it before but you wouldn’t have known what to think of it.  We use it to get from one place to another.  We carry the rocks from the mountains and we lay them down to walk on.  The horses walk on them, the bugs walk on them, the people.
A rock.  This is a rock.  My hand is touching a rock.  This is a hand.  Fingers, these are fingers.  To touch is when you put one thing against another thing.  This is touching.
The mountains are huge mounds of the earth.  The earth is everything, the earth is the earth.  The horses are what make us a living, because people, that’s us, we like to ride on the horses to get places.  We go on the horses on the streets and end up somewhere new.  I make the saddles so that it’s easier to ride.  The saddle is made of leather, which is the skin of another animal.  Not the skin of a horse, because that would be cruel, but the skin of a cow.
The sea is where the rivers go, the rivers are what feed the sea.  The sea is hungry for the rivers.  The people do not live in the sea.  We like to visit it, to go inside, but cannot live there.  It’s because of air.  Air is what we breathe.  Like that.  That is breathing.  We have to do it or we die.  Dying is the end, maybe.  It’s either the end or the beginning.  It always happens, even if you are very good.
When you die you do not breathe.  When you do not breathe you die.  If you were to jump into the river and swim for a very long time until you got tired, you would start to sink down, and when you could not keep your head up in the air anymore, you would take water into your body and that would be the end of the breathing.  You would sink to the bottom.  The bottom, the dirt, is the last place to go.
But flowers and trees grow out of the dirt.  It’s what makes all other life possible.  It’s the earth, the earth which is everything.
When you say Mother it means Kayla.  When I say Mother it means a woman who is dead.  She died but I did not die yet.  I have to keep living, to take care of you.  No one has a choice about this.  We do not decide when we die.
A choice is what your mother and I made when we had you.  We asked for you.  To ask is when you say please.  To say is to use your mouth to make words.  Words are what we say.  We is all of us.  We are all we.
God is also what we all are.  God is more than anything.  More is more.  Anything is God.  There is no way to say God without saying Everything.

No One Is Here Except All of Us [Excerpts]
Ramona Ausubel


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