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Anticipation has been high for weeks, with rumours circling that Radiohead might return to New Zealand for the first time in 14 years.  Yesterday the word was finally out, yes they would be coming in November, tickets would be on sale to the public on Thursday morning with a presale at 12 pm today.  That was when the craziness began.  People quickly started talking about a presale sellout.  On the day the show was announced.  Weird, because the ticketmaster website definitely states that the presale is on Tuesday.  The promoter’s Facebook page definitely states that the presale is on Tuesday.  How can the presale be sold out before it is even on sale?  Oh, right, some tickets were also on sale on Radiohead’s website.  Duh.  Well, I didn’t go for any of the rumours, I waited patiently for the presale to begin, making sure beforehand that my ticketmaster account was all up-to-date, my credit card details were current, and then I got myself ready with three tabs open on different pages (the promoter’s FB with the link to the presale, Ticketmaster’s page for the event, and the page that the tickets would actually show on).  I don’t believe that time is a fixed substance (well obviously), so I didn’t bother waiting until my computer said 12 pm before I started refreshing all three pages.  I just kept doing it until the message stating that no tickets were available was replaced with the little presale ticket selection box thingee.  I entered the presale password, forgot to choose how many tickets, went back and entered the number of tickets I wanted, clicked next, went through all the things, got to the end, got my tickets.  Then I went back to the promoter’s FB again, and really, the amount of rabid people questioning if/how many tickets were actually available is laughable.  People truly do not behave well when things don’t go their way.  “I was there at 12 pm and no tickets!!1! zOMG!”  Really, people?  Really?  Sigh.

Anyway, the end of the story is that I have my tickets.  So who’s coming with me?

Staircase [live at The Basement]


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