I’m a creep

When you’re walking home from work sometime around 1 am, and you’re walking through a park and a possum starts growling at you out of the darkness, that’s pretty up there on the creepy scale.  It also reminds me of an old flat I lived in that had a possum living in the ceiling.  Sometimes the possum would be in the bathroom ceiling and would growl extra creepily when you were in the shower.  Fun times.  Well I thought the possum growling was going to be the height of creepiness for my walk home, but no.  I make it out of the park alive, and across the road and around the corner, when I see on the footpath in front of me a strange man who doesn’t seem to be wearing pants.  I keep walking and as I get closer I realise that I am correct, and there is definitely zero sign of pants (well, that’s an exaggeration because he’s holding the pants), and it’s definitely a he.  I’ll let you figure out the evidence pointing to this strange person’s gender for yourself.  So all-in-all a much creepier walk home than I can remember in a long time.


One Response to “I’m a creep”

  1. Samtastic Says:

    This has been the best and greatest blog I have ever read A++ I will read this bloggers blog again sometime.

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