My neighbours are crazy.  Well some of them.  I live on the top floor of my building, but it only has about 5 floors, so that’s not saying much.  Its just after 2 am, and I’m sitting here at my computer, as I do, when I hear a Chinese woman shouting in the entranceway to the building.  Some domestic drama seems to be unfolding involving this woman in her pyjamas and a Chinese man wandering around the street, him seemingly intent on leaving and her shouting loudly in Chinese and trying to force him to go back inside.  Over the next 20 minutes this plays out as I watch from my balcony.  It’s cold, but this is interesting enough to keep me outside.  She grabs his shirt, he tries to make her let go, they wrestle and end up on the ground.  He lets her have the shirt and walks off.  She leaves the shirt on the ground and follows.  He goes back for the shirt.  They end up directly below my balcony, leaned against the railings where she once again has hold of his shirt and he tries to make her let go.  Again he ends up shirtless so this time she takes hold of his pants.  I’m wondering if this is going to end with him wandering the street naked with her following shouting and trying to make him come back.  He seems fairly sensible while she just seems somewhat deranged.  Eventually he gets away and walks off and she goes back inside taking his shirt with him.  I come back to my computer.  Then I hear them both yelling again, and I look outside and he’s now wearing a hoodie, so he must have gone back in after realising it is definitely too cold to be on the street in the middle of the night half naked.  This time though, they shout a bit and wander around but he goes back inside and she follows.  If I were trying to sleep this would be really frustrating, but as it is it’s quite entertaining.  I feel a bit ashamed of being amused by their problem, whatever it is, but I can’t seem to help myself.


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