ten things

My demanding best-person requested that I post ten of my favourite things.  It was hard nailing ten or choosing favourites (I’ve got a lot of things, and a lot of things that I love), but here ten things…

A print that lived in my grandparents’ house when I was growing up.  I requested it after my grandmother died and I almost wasn’t allowed it because it had “faded” and wasn’t worth keeping, or some nonsense.  I love it.

And this one too.

My poets.

This jar, which I keep full of candy as much as humanly possible.  It holds five bags of M&M’s.  With the little Alessi man’s head just above the surface.

I am somewhat of a hoarder, and I love bottles.  In various forms.  I love the matches because they’re in a bottle.

Mr Worrell may once have been a possum.  I dug him up and put him in a jar.

Max.  What explanation do I need to give?

A portrait of me drawn by some-body from one of my favourite photographs.  Also quite possibly the best response to a photograph I have received.

My first teapot.  I love that it’s black.

I love that I sleep in a film noir paradise.


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