dreams come true

Tonight I was quietly thinking to myself about how I’d like a whole-life makeover.  Then one of my friends asked me if I would consider moving in with him and his wife because they need the money (for various reasons not including that they’re destitute).  I’ve been quietly (and not so quietly) thinking about how I want to move out of my apartment in the imminent future (or ideally the past) and about what my options could be.  Living alone had seemed like an enticing option, but I’ve also been thinking about how that is probably not a good idea (I’d probably end up some weird guy who never goes out and never talks to anyone or something).  Clearly someone (or several someones), has been listening.  Walking home tonight I caught a glimpse of a shooting star out of the corner of my eye.  I think my wish had already come true.  I just hadn’t wished it consciously/with great exactitude yet.  Fortunately there are those who know what we want before we know we want it.


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