Moving on

Hellooooooo Blockhouse Bay.  I have successfully traversed, along with what one of my flatmates affectionately calls all my “crap” (to be fair there’s an exhaustingly large amount of that crap), from one side of the city to the other, and am writing this from what I have taken to calling my “Wesley cave” (my new bedroom).  Wesley being my nickname.  Just in case you were confused about that.  I’ve been stressed out of my tree all week leading up to this move, not eating and feeling increasingly ill, and if I didn’t have such great friends and family I think I would be a bawling mess right now.  As it is, I’m tired but happy, and there’s only a small amount of crap I didn’t manage to move today.  So thanks to my lovely aunts who came from out of town to give me a hand.  You really made this thing happen.

So now starts a new era, including living with people who consider my presence to be a good thing, not just something to be endured.  To be fair, I was probably more the one enduring living with my flatmate than the other way around (or maybe equal levels of enduring…who can say).  Anyway, its nice to live with people who are happy, and sing to each other (they were doing it for hours earlier), and think it’s funny to ring me up from downstairs to ask silly questions in funny accents.  Also, it’s so much quieter (no constant traffic/screaming drunk people outside).  I’m feeling a like things are looking up.  It’s a good way to feel.


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